Monday, September 29, 2008


What a way to usher out an old year of my life. The market drops 777 point AND my Mastercard has an extra $3,000 charged on it. My hubby is now grateful that I check balances very often (like twice a week)! No more Mastercard for a week....
Seems like I was just sharing the virtue of putting things on a card to track it....
LOL- Patty- I am back to paper money!

Oh well, next year will be better. I know it will. Fifty-one has a great sound to it!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bring him on!

Nicholas arrives today. We have not started remodeling:>) We decided to cover the stairs with this tarp instead of chancing the baby curiousity of looking over the 2nd floor edge.
We are ready- outlets covered, dead bugs removed, doggy food on comes the baby!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to him tomorrow and me the next day!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the barn

Filling the barn with things.
These are what a young man
who leaves for war this week
is leaving behind. His stuff
will await his return.

And then the tonado doors. Scott found a man selling the doors from his 100 year old home in Chapman. He paid way too much- but it was an effort to help. I don't know what they will turn into at our house- but knowing Scott- it will be beautiful.

Lesson plans

It was one of those weeks- fast and furious. I have two KSU student aides and one group of students from the University who are learning to do lesson plans. LOL. For those of you who REALLY know me, lesson plans are ideas that roll around my head all night. I get up the next morning and pull it together. Yes, every time. With the introduction of media- those plans are free flowing. Here is what is in store on Monday....
A clip from Raiders of the Lost Arc showing Egypt
Google earth compared to map on wall for placement of Egypt
Compare terrian maps of Egypt and Mesopotamia (Iraq)
Do a venn diagram on the smart board on the comparison- have students take notes
Show a quick demonstration of flooding and silt
Finish with an entry in the vocabulary book on delta, silt and flooding

How do you fit that into a 3x3 square?

This is the 21st century. Why do we teach educators the same way we used to?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A beautiful day

After the gloom of last night, I got up early.
Sitting outside I came to admire my dad's roses. My dad never saw these rose bushes, but he planted so many like them I have come to think of them as a sign that he is here with me at this house.
Then I thought about the pictures of the sunset on the way home from school last week that I never really looked at. I do love living here.

I proceded to the post yard sale and found the perfect toy for my grandson (when he comes to visit). Yes, I am indeed in the right place. I do have enough!

Friday, September 19, 2008

What does it mean to have enough?

I have been having an on going discussion with my siblings about politics. One sibling commented that "People under the $116,000 don't really pay taxes anyway - so why should they get a break. " Whoa! WE have never cleared that much money in a tax year. We live pretty well, I think, but we do pay a great deal in taxes. We don't have anything to write off- our children are grown, the feds do not consider the amount that I spend on my students significant enough to write off, we do not have a mortgage(a decision we made long ago), we contribute to IRAs, we do not have a business so we cannot write off our car or our gas or our laundry room as an office, we do not farm. When it comes to the end of the day- we usually owe taxes- no loop holes for us.
Still, we have enough. We get to go and visit children when they need us. Scott can stay home and care for the house and the land and, frankly, relax from his years of toil. Our children are safely on their way to careers that will keep them safe and fed. We are all educated. We love the Lord. We are all healthy. Our sisters feel comfortable to call and chat.
We began to ride the fast track a few years ago. We grew apart. We felt uncared for. We began to seek comfort in going out to eat and drink. It did not work for us.
Sometimes, I miss going to the country club, buying nice clothes or entertaining with style. One of the reasons we moved to Kansas was to take us out of the circle of trying to keep up with the siblings. There is nothing wrong with their way of life. Most of them have found a good medium between what we have and what we left behind. It works for them and I am proud of the ones that it does....but it was not for us.
Where does that leave us? Are we less likely to get things from inheritance because we seem to "need" less, seems so. I think we have enough----but what really is enough? And what is too much?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whew! Time is flying

It is the fourth week of school and I just printed off grades. My homeroom students are all over the board- from flying through to failing. My own classes are all doing fine. To be honest, I am an easy grader. Long ago I discovered that if your class is interesting you can demand a great deal of thinking with very little paper.
Today we had a political discussion. My objective was to watch eyes. If they disengaged- I stopped. That only happened in one class and then we moved on to something more in their scope. It was an interesting experiment.
Next Monday I will introduce Fact check that my sister gave me. (Mondays are election summary days). I am wondering how much of this gets home.....
My favorite question is always," Who are you voting for?" My answer is the same, "If you do not know, then I am doing my job correctly." My job is not to tell kids who I am- but to help them develop who they are......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My favorite artist- today

Somehow this just reminds me of my daughter and my grandson. They are equally curious and gentle. I miss them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Itchy feet

My feet always get itchy this time of year. I long to be exploring new places and meeting new people. I have filled out a DODEA application but have not sent it in yet....what to do?
I guess I will play with my lesson plan for tomorrow! The writing section of this site....
Go and play yourself---or try this one: and find out how to write your initials in ancient script.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I want

I want to live near my daughter and grandson. My husband and my son in law think that it would be too much for both of us. We would probably not see eye to eye on things. Really, that does not matter. We do not have to see each other every day- but ther eis so much to offer a little one that I have time for now- that I did not have time for before.
They have two more years in the Marines. I have time to stock away retirement funds.....then it will be time to decide if we really want to be here without them.
I miss what I am missing. Waaaahhhh!