Sunday, October 26, 2008

A few more pictures- and politics

I enjoyed the commentaries from the morning talk shows. I really enjoyed hearing McCain actually present some information. I am not sure about the housing bail out- how that should work- but I know we need one. My area of Kansas is not particularly hard right now. We have farming, military and people who are just used to being poor. Our processing plants never paid more than $11. an hour- so big wages are not an issue here. Listening to my sister and sisiter in law- things are much worse in the big cities.
I am curious how this will work out in the long run. I am nervous on both sides. Obama because of his inexperience. He is a thoughtful man- but will he become influenced by the outside trappings. McCain has some good advisers- but his past indicated that he likes to fly by the seat of his pants (quite literally).
Here is my hope:
1) We supply our own energy (within North America) within the next five years. That is tough- but if they take the strong minds that we have in the military and tag them with the strong corporate minds of commerce- I think we can do it. North American Oil coupled with wind, solar and nuclear powers (sorry- don't think there is such a thing as "clean coal").
2) Get out of the Middle East. I have said that since we lived in Saudi. We are pawns in their tribal wars. There will not be democracy there any sooner than there will be democracy between the Native nations of the US (and no- there is not a democracy there either). I don't feel we should totally abandon Israel- but I am darn close. They are pretty strong and feel that we are something they can use in a heart beat as well.
3) Figure out the school systems. We need to improve FAST. Right now I am saving all of my materials. If my daughter and son in law cannot live in a good public school system or afford a good Catholic school (which I doubt since the Catholic schools in their area are about $10,000 a year and they only make $30,000)then I will be planning on figuring out a way to home school (or at least supplement school) the grand baby.
4) Continue to work to end abortion. That is a personal - day by day work. Talking to children about the preciousness of life every day in my classroom, lifting up programs that support young mothers- and - most of all- speaking to the 20 somethings who are afraid that a baby will ruin their lives (and there are lots of those- and white college educated women are the fast rising group of aborters).
This is something that cannot be legislated- it is taught. If it is legislated- then people will go to extreme measure to "cheat". Again, I will not vote on this issue alone since I feel that the Republicans had a majority and the White House and did nothing. They cannot be trusted to really do anything at all about this issue. I guess- from all the admonishment I have received on this issue- I am considered an excommunicated Catholic and accept that as something I will have to work out with God in the long run. But then, I have always had a different view of God than most "good Catholics" that I know.
And that is the end of my political commentary for the day!


farmlady said...

I like what you're saying.

I'm "on the fence" about who to vote for but I agree with you about things that need to change no matter who becomes president.
This country is going to go down the tubes if we don't start worrying about families, education and honesty..., and stop living lives that chase the all mighty Dollar.

teach people not books said...

north american oil accounts for one half of one percent of the oil available in the world and will not end our dependence on middle east oil nor mitigate the costs we are seeing.

Janette said...

True. It will limit us tremendously. I think we need to be limited. I think we need to think another direction.
Caring for our future children. Painful- absolutely- possible- absolutely. If we had done it in the 70's we would have been much better off.
Good to see you "teach" :<)

Elena said...

1. If you want to be energy independent that's not the Obama ticket, which wants to focus on conservation (the mighty tire gauge, puhlease.) Gov Palin is an expert in energy policy and she knows how to tap into Alaska's rich resources. We should be allowed to do it

2. I think now that Iraq is much more stable, infrastructure is being rebuilt, business are opening and the Iraqi people are taking their country back, it will be only a matter of time before we are out of the middle ease.

3. The best way to improve schools is to give parents options. Its competition that makes business innovate and change. McCain supports vouchers and homeschooling. Give people diversity, options, opportunities and get away from the traditional institutional public school in a box model and creative changes will happen.

4. A lot of people equate legal = with being moral. As long as abortion is legal in this country some people are going to deem it as an acceptable solution to a problem pregnancy. Sure abortion isn't the only issue, but it's a big one and I would go so far as to say that scripturally, Jesus would have considered it primary, for who are the least and most defenseless amongst us than the unborn.

Obama has said that he will without hesitation sign the Freedom of Choice act and he will knock back anti-abortion progress 30 years.

He will also have a chance to put two or three new justices on the supreme court who will favor abortion rights. (and contrary to what you say Janette, the Bush administration did put two justices who oppose abortion on the court and banned the partial birth abortion procedure - that IS Progress!)

Janette said...

1)I have looked seriously at BOTH energy plans. Both are OK- but I feel Obama is ready to take it on regardless of the price of gas.I feel it will go to big business with McCain in- as the price of oil drops. What is the way to make people want something? Drop the price. I feel that McCain is more interested in large businesses in statue quo instead of moving to the future.
I feel that Palin has no real background. She was busy putting in things that she had no land to put them on- and her government is paying dearly for thank you.
PLEASE do not use Palin as an arguement unless you decide to run for VP- personally I think you, El, are more qualified and informed. I do think she will make a terrific senator from her state.
2) Iraq is NOTHING! The problems are in Saudi Arabia (our good friends) and Afghanistan. But then-I keep myself very familar with this issue since I lived in one and my children may be fighting in the other. We need to get OUT of the Middle East and the only way to do that is be off of their oil.
3)Obama actually has a MORE progessive look at eduation than McCain- if you bothered to look at his policy- which is not supported by AFT or NEA- you would know that. He backs homeschool, vouchers AND merit pay.
4)Abortion is a big point with me- but I still see NOTHING that the Republicans do that slows it down. Education is the key.
I do not agree with legislation from the bench. Supreme Court can only decide cases that are put in front of it. I think that the majority, at this point, will agree it is state rights....and that will come slowly.
As far as VERY old quotes- I won't hold the Keeting Five against McCain either....or his old stand on immigration.

Elena said...

Janette - two supreme court justices, and the ban on partial birth abortion. Could you please explain to me how those were NOT victories for pro life.

Could you also please explain to me how electing a man who will be liberal pro-abortion judges on the supreme court and will sign the freedom of choice act - making all abortion legal in all states - is the right direction for the pro-life movement? Because I seriously do not see your reasoning at all.

Elena said...

Apparently NARAL thinks a lot has been done to "erode" abortion rights. This is from their FOC act PDF file:

How come they are so afraid and you think "nothing" has been done Janette?

Janette said...

Like the prolife people, they are ALWAYS afraid...of everyone and everything that does not say exactly what they want them to- even if it is simply lip service.

Elena said...

Could you clarify? I don't understand your statement.

The statement for NARAL says they want to CODIFY Rowe v. Wade. They want to make it legislated law making it crystal clear that every procedure for any reason, at any time, in any state, and for minors without the need for parental consent, is absolutely LEGAL!! That's what NARAL is saying. Obama has said on camera that he supports this?

So why shouldn't the pro-life side take the man at his word? Particularly since we know he is not afraid to take BOLD anti-life steps - as witnessed by his voting against the infants born alive act.

Come on wake up Janette!

Janette said...

I can respoect that we totally disagree. I can appreciate you if you state that you are a one issue voter...
I am done with this abortion voting thing Elena- if you would like to talk about it on your blog- go ahead. You told me not to come back....
I stated what I thought was the direction to go- one child, one woman at a time.

Elena said...

I didn't tell you not to come back Janette. I said if you didn't like the topics I was blogging on then perhaps you shouldn't come back until after the election.

Your approach to abortion is like grabbing one Jew off of the train to the concentration camp while the screams of the thousands of Nazi victims echo through the country side.

or... like freeing one slave from bondage while millions more continue the turmoil and ships teaming with new victims arrive at port.

You are doing it to make yourself feel better I suppose but it's foolish to think that makes up for the millions of babies over the decades who are going to be slaughtered wholesale after the Obama regime - even if he only gets one four-year term.

Every vote counts in this election Janette. I pray that you tap into your moral center and make the right choice.

Elena said...

Tonight almost 13 months since the election, I think it is worth noting that President Obama just announced sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan