Friday, October 31, 2008

It's the kids- not the adults- that I work for

I just finished reading an Email about the Veteran's Day celebration that we are planning. One of the teachers (who does not know ANYTHING about the military) tagged on to my email stating that she felt that all civilians who work for the military should also be placed on the banner of veterans. The counselor in charge of corrdinating the event (who also knows nothing about the military or the meaning of Veteran's day) tagged on stating she thought that was a great idea....Retired are white starts, KIA are gold, Active Duty are Blue and NOW civilians are red! Did ayone tell her that traditionally red stars are for the Communists......
Deep breath.
And then- I read the next email from the Red Ribbon committee that crazy sock day will be on Veteran's Day.
I have no plans to be there on Veteran's Day now. Adults drive me CRAZY!


ancient one said...

Guess they are trying to be PC ? What a mess!

gashling said...


Main Entry: vet·er·an

Pronunciation: \ˈve-tə-rən, ˈve-trən\

Function: noun

Etymology: Latin veteranus, from veteranus, adjective, old, of long experience, from veter-, vetus old — more at wether
Date: 1509

1 a: an old soldier of long service b: a former member of the armed forces

Renee said...

I guess some folks are just clueless about our nation's holidays.
But at the same time, so many of our military benefits are being given to civiilian employees (even stateside). I think the commissary and PX are about the only things that are exclusive. Civilians have access to MWR activities.... sigh. guess that's why i just don't go on post other than to grocery shop and fill my gas tank....