Wednesday, October 01, 2008


What does a long day look like to a teacher?
Get up late, after a short night of sleep.
Restless after watching the market yesterday. Stomach knots over 403b's of friends who did not watch the market and are surprised that they do not know that our funds are getting walloped.
Go to school- forget that we are supposed to be in a meeting.
Arrive at the meeting 15 minutes late (with a thousand other things on my agenda)
Get called to a bus accident
Calm a few kids- no one seriously injured- and go back to school
Have a teacher shrug off that kids are going to be a bit upset "so, nothing unusual". (Yes, I work at a tough school)
Chat with a student about failing grades in other classes (Cheer leading was never my uniform- but I seem to wear it as an adult.) Arrange for meetings to keep up on work.
Settle into a day of writing and correcting. Actually, that is quite fun, but exhausting.
Have a parent meeting after school
Rush home for pictures with the baby....but the appointment was canceled due to the high volume of parents leaving for Iraq needing/wanting pictures with their babies (understandable).
Listen to my husband as he investigates where our stole credit card money was spent and how "they might be able to catch this guy---in New Jersey"
Meet with a soldier and his parents before he deploys next week
Debates on our Senate race (hotly contested)
I hope I will sleep well tonight. I NEED it!
thinking of Patty again today- I could really just use a weekend alone of farming!

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ancient one said...

My long day was yesterday.. small emergencies.. unexpected stuff... I fell on the couch after supper and slept til time to go to bed...and then slept good all night... I hope for you a good night's sleep tonight!!

Tomorrow is a NEW Day!