Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday ended our four months of visitors. Winter is gathering speed as trees lose leaves and the smell of buring fields fills the air. We have enjoyed a summer of "Spa Bowen". I am looking forward to two summers from now when I hope to have a two week session of "Spa Bowen" for my artist friends. I have come to see tht one of my roles in life is to continue the arts- even if I am terrible at putting art together myself. Scott is a wood artist, Mary is a silversmith, Trish is an assembler, Marcie is a painter, Kathy and Barb are all around woman artist, Mandy is skillful at color, Cathy is a fabric person, and Mindy is a painter, Jen is a crocheter. These women (and my man) are strong influences in my life. Sometime I am helping them- but often their art lifts me to a different level. My joy would be to see them together doing art and talking art and enjoying the Kansas country side. Maybe I could even convince my sister Lou to join us....I haven't seen her art in years.
Spa Bowen- two years from last September....anyone else up for a trip?


cath said...

I'm in :)

Can't wait!

Love you,

Renee said...

Wow, that's a lot of visitors esp since you work full-time

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Your spa sounds wonderful. One of my greatest delights is entertaining friends, family, and even the odd stranger that pops in with a broken-down car or such. Hospitality is my gift -- I love it. The holidays will be bursting with fun and family around here.

I've been away from the blogdom for the most part of late, lots of "real" livin' going on. I agree that the stocks set my tummy a-flutter. We pulled out much this summer and the last right before the BIG dump (the Lord prompted and my husband cashed out -- whew! Losses minimal stress relief MAXIMUM!)

I enjoy wandering through the ordinary joys of life. I prefer a gentle post about shopping in Amish country and stocking up the pantry with goodies to reading the stock report.

Thanks for sharing. : )