Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gobble time

Turkeys are hanging around the house today. Yesterday was the first snow. The first large group of turkeys came by early to see if there was any feed out. They had frost on their back and their gobble was rather soft.
This is the fourth group and it is not yet 3pm.
It leads me to believe that the grasshoppers are almost gone and now the difficult time of finding food in the winter has arrived.
Since we have been feeding this particular group since they learned how to fly off of our walls, we will be making sure they have food through the winter. All of the turkeys though? There are way too many this year to feed.
A bit like the economy, isn't it?


Mara (the coffee lover) said...

awesome picture!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Our wild turkey population struts through on occasion. They always bring a smile to our face at their earnest little groupings. Our cats enjoy the game . . . but the turkeys must not -- they seldom visit. : )

ancient one said...

Wow, are these wild turkeys?

Janette said...

Very wild turkeys! They live in the forest behind our house - between us and the lake.

Teresa said...

You must be the talk in turkey town! Need some feed........go see Janette!!