Saturday, November 01, 2008

A good night sleep and fall is in view!

My house is beginning to be surrounded by fall. The leaves have changed on about 60% of the trees. It is a warmer fall than last year when most of the leaves were gone by this time.

My husband is out mowing the fields so they are easier to sled by the neighborhood in the winter. They love the big hill by the barn. Last year he did not mow soon enough and snow came. A number of children were bummed out.
This is the time of year that the Tom turkeys come back to the house for feed. You can tell the ones who know us. They run to me when I shake the corn feeder. The smaller ones are the ones who told the larger ones that corn is found at "that house". They are in the lead with the fat strutters carefully hidden in the grass. That all changes when the corn is thrown and it becomes a free for all.

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Debbie in CA : ) said...

So nice to stop by and "catch up with you." Lovely to see your fall leaves. The past few days have been chilly and rainy -- and WE LOVE IT! My 9-year-old said, "Finally, we have some appropriate weather for fall." She's SOOOOOO right. We are already looking forward to snowflakes and sledding. : )