Sunday, November 09, 2008

Plow in

My husband has cut down three trees on the land for winter wood. It is solid wood that will burn long and slow. We have emptied all of the gardening containers onto the earth around our deck and hope that it will help when spring comes again.
We have done the same thing with our stocks. We have plowed into the market again- this time buying America. We decided that sitting back afraid will do nothing for us or our children's future. We have to believe that it will get better.
It will be a long winter of recession. We will have to pull together. Our school has started a food backpack for the families that have nothing at home because parents have been laid off from their simple jobs as waitresses and food processors.
If you have a job- go out to dinner. You need to support the local people in any way you can. Holding all of your money in hand does nothing for your neighborhood. Don't go into debt- just go out to eat.


Renee said...

We bought a car last week. Does that count as helping the economy?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Bearing one another's burdens will see us through. Going out to eat? Now that's a burden I will enjoy bearing.

Great advice! : )

ancient one said...

This post is one of the best. You are so right about spending some money to help out our fellow people to be able to keep their jobs. Wish I knew someone who wanted to order up a bunch of yatchs right now. My son has been cut back to a four day week. I'm sure Renee helped the ecomony when she bought a car. Hope it was a ford.. got a sister working for a local ford dealer..LOL