Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The right to vote

Today was voting day. Duh, you might say....but it is a big deal. My school voted. My students were SO excited they wanted to vote before our school poll opened.

I knew what they felt like. I got up at 5 am to be at my poll by 6:15. That way I could vote and make it to school on time. Our poll opened at 7 am and I was about 20th in line! One of the teachers who lived in a TINY town had the line wrap around the courthouse by the time the poll opened. She thanked me for giving her the thought to go early.

The excitement had spread at school. I teach with MANY 20 something year olds. Many came up to me today and asked me questions about the process. I have been very careful to give out information from Factcheck.org and scholastic news source - which seem to be right down the middle of the road. I was passing out that information until I left the building at 5 pm last night. I have a teacher friend who went around talking Hitler and the end of capitalism under Obama as well as another who predicted WWIII under Mc Cain. I don't go for either of those things. My advice is to dismiss the extremes and look at the information. The extremes turn me and most of the twenty somethings off (I haven't figured out why others have not figured that out).

In general, 14 out of 15 of the teachers voted in my wing. All 104 of my students cast Kidvote ballots. I do not know who they voted for. Really, I do not care. I care that they finally are part of a process that makes our country the best on the earth. The right to vote is amazing. I will defend THAT to the end (a bit extreme- aren't I?)

Off to watch the results. Yes, we can- no matter who wins- we can change the direction of the country. I am EXCITED!


RAnn said...

My four year old came home and said she voted for the elephant. At least one young person made her dad happy today. I hope my husband is wrong about what a wreck Obamah is going to make of our country.

Renee said...

I too have heard the extreme talks in homeschooling circles. While I'm not happy with the outcome, I'm also not any more anxious then I was with Bill