Thursday, November 20, 2008

The small Earth

Today my student who speaks very little English came up to me at the end of class. He asked me to put up Google Earth on the smart board. Up it went. He typed in a name of a city. Up it came- zoomed in on the 6' board on the front wall of the room. He, then, proceded to grab the city and move the zoom in. Traveling through streets, he was mumbling to himself. "AHHH!
There Meses Boown!" He was showing me his house that he left in Mexico.
I know where some of your minds have gone just now.
Let me put them to rest. This child's father joined the US military. When he was shipped to Iraq the family was allowed to come to the US and live in the housing. This child is a child of my future, your future. He knows where he comes from...misses it terribly...but ...when I asked...even though he speaks very little English...he loves "THE STATES"!
We live in a small world.

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