Thursday, November 06, 2008

Step back and look

The country is taking a turn. Step back and look at the man we have elected. He is quite intelligent. President Elect Obama is not crafted by others.
He writes his own speeches. Do you know how long it has been since we not only had a person in the White House who can give a speech- but actually WRITES what he says? A very long time.
The people first person he taps is a deeply religious man- Orthodox Jewish.
He is deeply committed to his wife.
He is the poorest man we have elected since Truman. He only owns one house and it is in a neighborhood.
He was raised primarily by grandparents who lived through World War II. They knew the hardships and pain of war and depression. They put all of their money and time into him and he thrived under their love. He grew up probably going to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and watching REAL patriotic parades in the streets of Honolulu. My experience was that Honolulu had more parades than anyone else.
He struggled in high school but thrived in college when he grew up.
He is----half African and half white. I am here to tell you that Hawaii is a great place to visit if you are different but not a great place to live if you are not Japanese. Still, many alternative lifestyles exist in Hawaii and they are just there- there are no worries about that ....
He CHOSE to return to the states for high school over staying in an Islamic country for high school. Yet, he experienced living overseas- seeing REAL poverty- feeling what others feel when they do not speak the language- learning that there are ways to get better (but the US is the best ).
Some fear that he will open the flood gates. His speech did not indicate that. I think this is a pensive man who cares deeply about his children's future and in turn YOUR future. He chose to be here.
Yes, I feel that President elect Obama road a wave into this election. Just like riding a good wave you have to paddle and struggle and wait. Then the ride. Then the paddle and struggle and wait again.
I may have to eat my words- but I do not think so. This man has the material it takes to be a great President. I may miss a wave or two that he takes, but I hope to take many with him.


Elena said...

Obama's tax return for 2007 showed an income of $4,238,165.

Janette said...

Still less than McCain - or any other President in the last 4O years....
Maybe Clinton was close...but you did not like him either.He was the one who totally revamped welfare in a wonderful way- IMHO.

Judy said...

He has a website where we can give our input for what we'd like our vision of America to be. I sent him a letter through it. I'm sure he'll disagree with me on much of what I wrote, but I sent it anyway. Since he asked.

I am praying that God blesses President Elect Obama with His Truth and wisdom.

MJasinta said...

Janette, thank you for this blog. I feel so confident that we will see changes. I know it will take time to "fix everything.

And I hope you don't mind but I had to share your blog with family and friends.

For the first time in YEARS, there is HOPE in the air. For me Hope not Fear is more than a slogan,
Thank you again