Friday, November 14, 2008

Two years

It has been two years since my dad passed away.
A long three years of wandering in and out of my
religion and environment.
Many good things have happened. We added a son
in through a wedding of joy. I thought how much my
dad have liked to be a person to help form another

Our other son graduated in a ceremony that would
have made my dad proud.

We added the first great grand child.
Dad would have glowed with the joy
of the arrival. He would have read the
baby poetry and shown him the pictures
in the books as he did with his grandchildren.
Dad never really enjoyed flying, but he enjoyed seeing the
family enjoy their passions. He didn't come to that until
later in age, but he desired to bring out the passion that
each of the grandchildren reached for- horses, art, flying,sports.

He would have loved to see his James fly.

I have another set of students this year. This will be my third group that I have to mentor through the school year without his advice. He seemed to know what "my boys" needed and how I should word my comments so that others would not be offended. He saw my passion of working with children and encouraged it.
I miss my dad terribly. I miss his hard headed way of attacking a problem and working through the solution with me. I miss his leadership in how to work with the people who need help but are unsure or too proud to ask. Mostly I miss his push for the Lord that I do not feel right now.


cath said...

Beautiful piece, Nettie... Perhaps it is time for you to fill the void that Dad left by developing your own spiritual path and having faith in your own wisdom that was so much supported by him. That way his spirit lives on in you and to the others you inspire - which I know that you do.

Love you,

BTW only two years, not three... hard to believe.

Janette said...

I changed the post just before I read your comment. IT feels like three- not two. The time seems so full.

Teresa said...

((((( Janette ))))))
I know how you feel. My dad died in 1996, and I still miss him.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Whenever we lose someone special our heart sets a marker and we relate the coming events by that date. It has been 4-1/2 years since my son Andrew passed over into Glory. We still refer to things he would have liked, enjoyed, encouraged. I think it is our human way of hanging onto a piece of something that now belongs to Heaven.

I pray for you in all of your adjustments -- now I will add the comfort and reassurance that your faith can bring. Wandering in and out ... but never away, I hope.

Have a blessed day, my friend. : )

ancient one said...

Late getting here. This is a beautiful post. Your dad would have loved it all!