Monday, December 08, 2008

December 12th

December the 12th has always been special to me. It is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is the feast where Mary shares roses with the poor man and asks him to build a Church on the spot.
My father always had an amazing devotion to Mary. Maybe because his mother had died at such a young age and he took on Our Lady as his mother figure. Roses were always his favorite. He planted them everywhere for Mary.
That my Jennifer was born on the day of the roses is amazing to me. There is that connection. I used to ask Mary to watch over Jennifer as she drove away to school or on a date. I would place Jennifer in Our Lady's hands when I thought that she was getting too far away. She was a rose- just like one of the roses that Our Lady gave to Mexico. I knew,someday, she would build a Church of her own- in her house with her boys.
Here comes December 12th again. I am not good at getting the cards out on time- but I know I will go to Mass on the 12th and thank Our Lady for helping to guide our Jennifer- a rose of my father and my Church- to be the woman she is. I am forever grateful for that gift of a rose.

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Peyton's Mom said...

Oh my dear friend.....your post made me sob like a baby!!

My son's saint is Juan son is in --- well --- a 'wandering stage' right now & I know it's only Our Lady who can lead him back home.....he, too, is my precious rose....

Prayers for you & your rose...and many, many mama hugs from me to you!