Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am in Phoenix today. Yes, it is 60 and sunny. My kids are loving every minute of it. I thought I would look at a few of my mother's pictures while I am here. This is the house that she grew up in. My grandparents moved into the house at the height of the depression.The left is the living room with wooden floors that squeek when a rocking chair goes back and forth. My Nana had a high backed rocker and Mrs Dee a low back. They would spill out the coloring books and blocks in the back hall when my mom would come to visit- allowing them time to sit at the kitchen table and chat.

This is where we are headed on Saturday. Yup- snow in Flagstaff. Thrilled? I would rather be in the warmth- but Jen and James are anxious to see their old house and the town that they considered their home for six years. This is my mom's home in the pines- under the snow that we expect to see.

These are my two in uniform two short years ago. Jen is now being a full time mom while Ry continues to be the Marine he is. She did a great job- he is a real find:>)

This is a picture of my siblings and my father's parents. Yup- that is me second from the end that was a LONG time ago. The youngest person in this picture is now 45!

This is the last family picture before my dad passed away. My crew is not in it- but we all lived far away. It says that it was taken in July 2006.

Later I will post the family pictures from last night. Christmas eve with everyone except Paul and Dad...first time in a very long time!

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