Sunday, December 21, 2008


My great uncle was a lithographer for the mint- back in the day.
In 1919 he did this litho. It has wonderful depth and color.

In 1969, when he elderly and mostly blind, he painted this picture. My Aunt Catherine told me that she put the pins where he wanted in the canvas. Uncle Ned would mix his own paint and paint within the pins. I wish you could touch this. All of the gold and blues are raised. He made the frame as well.
I think of his work like my life. At the beginning of my career it was all about the struggle. Getting to where you need to be in life. When you finally have a chance to sit and think- it is really all about the love- right at the beginning.


ancient one said...

Beautiful paintings... beautiful post!

Renee said...

Those are beautiful. How blessed you are to have become their keepers

Carrie said...

Beautiful works of art! You are very blessed to have them and to appreciate them.

Judy said...

Janette!! Those are so beautiful!