Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three hour nap

and now it is 11 pm and I am wide awake.
Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year. We are planning a celebration day.
Tough crowd!
Actually, there are many delightful children in my classes. The few bullies are the ones who drive me insane. This time of year that insanity is worse. I have no tolerance. And when their mommies run to their assistance when another child has finally, after being verbally assaulted for months, lashes out....I just am GRRRR about it.I just want to shake the mom and say, "Your child is SO mean!"
So, tomorrow is the last day that I have to deal with attempting to protect the boy with so many sores the others cringe, the girl who is so timid- she is the perfect victim, the child who is so hurt by life- he shrinks. They will all be with me over the break though. I will be thinking, "What could make this better?" for two weeks. Maybe I will become ...inspired.


cath said...

my heart aches for those children and you...

can they help each other? becomes support for each other?

or - after school barn gatherings at the bowen's? - a safe place just to be a kid


can't wait to see you!!!!

ancient one said...

for some things we can only pray...and trust GOD..