Thursday, December 04, 2008

Why we are needed in public school

Today I was to teach a short introduction to the Jewish religion. My objectives for the year are to teach the basics to the five major religions. My thought? The Jewish religion will be easy. Everyone has heard of Moses and David....
Today we were reading the background to ring those "oh yes" bells.
The only one rung was mine!
My findings was that less than 10 out of my 100 students knew ANY Bible stories. One student even said, "What is a Bible?"
This evening I spent working up a Power Point on the history of the Jews. As an educated woman, knowing Jewish history is HUGE. There are so many things that Western Civilization is based upon. Starting with know what a "goliath" is and moving to the Ten Commandments.

Today I found out that I was on the Democrat's list because I am a member of the NEA.I guess I should not be afraid of the list- so many of the people and things I care about are their issues....don't know too many Republicans who see education as a huge priority. Just make sure they read, write and 'rithmatic.


ancient one said...

I'm a republican and I think education is important. I'm surprised that you are surprised that not many people know what a BIBLE is? I'm surprised that they let you teach religion in school.

Back in my day, most morning school days, started with scripture and it was a puplic school. I think all that was outlawed about the time my daughter started school. My boys remember the teachers reading BIBLE stories.

I'm surprised at how many people in USA blogland don't believe in the BIBLE.

I hope your students will learn about Jesus Christ.

Janette said...

I am required to teach the five major religions as history. I have covered Hindi and Buddist religions. This week is Jewish. When we hit the time of Christ- it will be Christianity. Later Islam. I teach it as "their story so you will not be ignorant of other's beliefs". It is very different than teaching it as something they are required to believe.
I am enjoying my position more and more every day!

RAnn said...

I'm a Republican and I think public schools are important. I also think they are better mananged, like most things, on a local rather than federal level. I think a mistake liberals/Democrats make when looking at conservative/Republicans is thinking that because we don't believe something is the province of the federal government, we think it isn't important.

Catholic Mom said...

I think RAnn captured an important point. I strongly believe in the principle of subsidiarity--take care of things at the lowest level as much as possible before getting a broader authority involved. That also means the broader authority should not be imposing unfunded mandates. Secondly, schools should educate, not indoctrinate. After nearly twenty years of having children in schools,I am seeing a marked increase in using the school curriculum to push a political agenda. Finally, I think the schools are being used as a means of correcting all sorts of social ills to the detriment of the education mission. If I were just starting out with school aged children today, I would take a much harder look at home schooling.

Janette said...

If you look at the Republican track record- local or national- they are weak on schools. Just as I believed that Republicans championed life- in reality the legislation does not back them up. That is what I see.

Janette said...

LOL- public school have AWAYS indoctrinated. You just want that indoctrination to be Catholic- or at least Christian. Correct?
My husband attended public school. He was taught Baptist prayer (he was LDS) and told he was going to hell. His best friend's arm was broken by a teacher when he tried to stop the teacher from slapping a girl.
There is political agenda in every public square. You can home school and protect your children from the discourse- but it exists. How about a bit of support of the teachers like me who TRY to give everyone a fair shake?
Really, you have proven my point. The Republicans I know BLAME a lot of the social ills on the public school- choosing to bad mouth teachers and "say" that they support. Democrats are willing to get their hands dirty and work with the kids....
In Democratically held states teacher's pay begins to rise to the level of lower level professionals. Highly qualified teachers are flocking there and changing the system.
Where the rubber meets the road is not the rhetoric of "we are pro life" but the work in the schools to change the child's attitude about the value of life to begin with.
Maybe MORE involvement in public school instead of less would be a Republican response to the injustices you see?

Judy said...

Constitutionally speaking, the Federal Government has no business being involved in education at all, regardless of political party affiliation.

As a teacher, I wish the government would get the heck out. They do NOT know what they're doing, and they're making my job even harder than it already is.