Friday, January 02, 2009

It begins

Chuckling to myself in the commissary today just knowing that I would have to record what I spent (and on who) made me rethink my basket. I couldn't back the candy for class- bribes are hard to come by so cheap. A bag of Christmas M&M's in the little packs are perfect for the immediate reward some of mine seem to crave.
The bags of candy for Iraq will be eaten the minute they hit the ground- I am sure.
So, that leaves what I have for us. Milk,orange juice, some good looking steaks and baby corn. That isn't so bad. Scott will have to do the big shopping when the troops all go back to work next week. The commissary is empty (except there were some beautiful steaks).
Off to school tomorrow. I need to figure out at least Monday and Tuesday.
Life is good.

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