Thursday, January 08, 2009

A little crazy

School is back in. I had the privilege of giving the 133 question drug abuse questionnaire in all of my classes today.
Scott called at noon:
The grand baby's ear ruptured. He is going to be like my sister- high threshold of pain, no real symptoms when ill. Never even a tug on the ear!
My brother in law's mother passed away. Expected, but never ready.
My mother in law has decided to refuse all meds...again, expected but never ready.
Our truck will cost about $2,000 to repair. Again, expected, but never ready.

Will tomorrow be a bit more fun. Let's hope not!


Teresa said...

(((((((((( Janette ))))))))))
Hoping today was better!

Renee said...

Hoping next week is a better week for you.

Michelle said...

Janette, poor little thing. I hope he's feeling better asap.

Praying for you and your family.