Sunday, January 25, 2009


Attending the inauguration was historical for me. I needed to be there, to be a part of the end of a period of racism that I grew up near. The listening, the being. Really, I went for my students who often felt no hope and now see there is a glimmer that the US is really about people like them and people like you.
There are some things I do not agree with when it comes to Mr Obama. I do not believe in abortion- in any form. That a woman has a choice to kill her child destroys my thoughts of civilized society. It was one of the great downfalls of the Roman empire- when the elite decided to abort rather than share. Knowing that the majority of abortions are done by white, college educated, 20 something women- continues that historical view.
On the other hand - the idea that we can bomb and destroy in order to fill our love of oil makes me ill as well. I felt it first hand in Saudi. Heck, we were not there to help them- we were their mercenaries to defend oil from those who wanted to take our movement away. Mr Obama gets this one - more than any other. If we left the Middle East tomorrow- there might be chaos- but it would be tribal chaos- because they are tribal people. We do not go into Africa and save them from tribal chaos. We do not even do it in Mexico. Why the Middle East? Some are diluted to think it is because of Israel (which Britain carved out of a 3,000 year old homeland of Palestine). Personally, I am assured that it is simply oil.
They are separate issue- or are they?
Abortion, currently, is supplied to the people attempting to get ahead. Their current way of life is more important than the future.
The Middle East conflicts are the same. We are willing to do terrible things to our own soldiers and other's population in order to preserve our way rather than look to the future.


Laura said...

The value of life.
The quality of life.
The beginning and end of life.
None of it is easy.
We just always have to make it number one on our list when making decision.
Thoughtful post, Jeanette.

RAnn said...

I gave you an award, come see!