Sunday, January 25, 2009


The ticking clock
The dogs breathing
Thoughts whirling through my mind
and then there is simply silence.
My sister in law is going in for tests for cancer- again. Her last bout was 17 years ago.
My heart is really torn. She is the epitome of a Christian woman. She has attempted to follow her Church's teachings and raise her children well for so many years. And now her health is comprised again.
What do I want to do? Shake her and ask her to be baptised into a Christian Church- ANY Christian Church. She is an LDS member and by that I do not believe that she is actually a Christian.
This is tough for me.
For so many years our friendship has grown. So often she has attempted to convert me since without that conversion she believes that we can never be eternal friends. My belief is that by not accepting that Jesus is her only Savior then she will be on the hot seat when being judged in her last days. The problem is that I think she DOES see Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Just that her Church does not believe that Jesus is the ONLY Lord and Savior. How can I have that conversation? Why have I not had that conversation before now?
I am making my summer plans. If my sister in law is really ill- she will need help this summer and I will make my way to her side. We laugh joyfully together. We share the happiness and sadness that has been our lives in the last ten or so years. I would be honored to help her in any way I can.
I am praying that she does not have cancer- and thinking that the conversation will have to happen sooner than later.

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Anonymous said...

{{{{{Janette}}}} I'll be praying for your sil and for you. May the Holy Spirit guide your words to her.