Saturday, January 03, 2009

Time is slipping away

Today I wrote out a basic budget. The first thing that blew it was the heating bill for last month. Totally blew the amount that I was expecting. We have got to work on curtains for the downstairs windows and something that will warm the upstairs.I'll have to give it some thought.

My plan is to get our living expences down to Scott's pension and save my salary. That was my plan last year as well:>) It is possible. The house is paid for. We have house taxes and living expenses, but those are all within the limits. Saving for retirement is difficult, but worth it. Since I seem to have the "I will never be a bag lady"syndrome (like all of the women in my family) the savings is up to me. Living in Kansas helps. No malls. No fine restaurants. No teacher supply stores. Seeing if I can stay on a part of the track will be fun. We could not afford to live this way in Arizona- temptations were too near. If we can save for the next few years, we can have more fun in the future. Yipppeee!


Michelle said...

Janette, some things that have helped save $$ on our heating bill: insulated curtains. We've even found some for free on freecycle.

Insulation around the light switches and electrical outlets. Lowe's sells them precut to fit for less than $2.00 an outlet.

We also installed some contraption on our dryer. It filters the air but let's hot air from the dryer into the house. Flip a switch and the hot air can be vented outside.

Janette said...

Wow- the dryer thing sounds great....the others as well...but I haven't heard of the dryer thing!

Michelle said...

Wayne had seen it at Lowe's for like $8 then I just happened to find one at the thrift store for $1.99.

We've been using it this winter and it's working well. An added bonus is less static electricity. :)