Monday, February 16, 2009

Grading. My least favorite subject in school.

Today I listened to four people give presentations for the teachers. One was SO adhd he was difficult to follow. He provided many websites to use in the future, for that I am thankful.
After the speeches/lectures I put on my jacket (the heat is off on non student days) and dove into grading. Papers were all over my desk from last week. Getting behind for a cool workshop on the 11th cost me dearly.
Grading began at 3:30 and ended at 7 pm. This was a second session. First session was four hours yesterday finishing six week grades. Kick me when there is another workshop that I "have" to attend on a planning day and remind me of today, PLEASE!
Six hundred papers were recorded tonight. That is about 35 seconds a paper. Needless to say, most were ready to simply enter the grade in the computer. The papers on the two Greek web searches took a bit more time.
Chuckling at what some of the students wrote, I am sure they thinking "My teacher will never get through this pile of paper". I did. Their grade reflected their synthesis or plagiarism. There will be some moans tomorrow. More moans when they realize these are the papers I choose for parent/ teacher conference. Fortunately, there will be many more rejoicing than moaning.

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Laura said...

Hey! I know that pile! I feel for you.
Isn't it funny when they hire "experts" to teach us, and the "experts" need some communications tutoring?
I have a favorite co-worker who paste puzzles inside of a composition book so that during those seminars and faculty meetings she can appear to be taking notes and actually she is completing a crossword.