Thursday, February 12, 2009

My thougths on the stimulus package

Personally, I know the country needs something. So far I am standing at four students who have parents who lost long time jobs in the last three weeks.There are for sale signs all over town (and our houses are relatively inexpensive-$100,000 range). The nearby school district just cut the days of school- hoping not to cut the number of teachers. We are a VERY stable area because we are home to one of the larger Army forts in the country. If this is what is happening here- I can imagine what is happening elsewhere.
I think lots of people put their heads together for this bill. Yes, there is spending I do not like. Actually, I attempted to read most of the bill last night and the numbers are mind boggling. It is going to take something quite large to kick start the economy. The world is watching. We sold them doo doo and now they are going under as well.
My thought is that there are Limbaugh fans and right wing "I will say anything to oppose the democrats" people out there saying we do not need a stimulus. Here is my proposition. Do not take any of it. That is simple. Do not take the family tax credit (but most of you thought the tax credit was OK under Bush. Mine is still in the mattress.) Do not take credits when your children go to college. Make sure they do not apply for the Pell or government backed loans. Don't take any of the small business breaks. Do not enjoy the increase in value of your home when you sell since the school down the street is finally up to date- in fact give that money back! Take the depreciated value of your home and any profit you could return to the federal government. I could go on and on. The thing is - if you are SO convicted- don't take the money. If you don't take it- there is less to owe. Simple as that.
Now off to a day of Lincoln with my students.

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