Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President Ranking

I have enjoyed the President ranking on AOL. There is great disagreement. I would like to add my two cents.
I agree that Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson for those top spots.
Personally, I think Nixon should be closer to the middle. He was a GREAT diplomat. He opened Russia and China to the world. To blame the Vietnam war on him is like blaming Iraq on Obama. He was simply attempting to GET OUT.It was Kennedy's and LBJ's war. I think Obama may get the same treatment over Afghanistan if he is not careful.
The whole Watergate thing- BAHABBAHA. What a joke. As if that doesn't happen almost every day in politics. I may be a cynic- but I think it is the truth. That he went insane after everyone left him in the dust...well, I don't blame him.
Of course I like LBJ as well. I am not wild about his poverty program- it should have been short lived and we still live with it. But...he had great heart and desegregated most of the country- at least the south. The north remains segregated as far as I can tell.
That the people who ranked the Presidents are "peer aged" taints the poll. But then, I have my own taint- don't I?

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