Saturday, February 14, 2009


Spending a quiet day is difficult sometimes. My life has been so busy, it is difficult to slow down and just enjoy the bare trees and the quiet of impending spring. Thinking time comes on days like today. What does the future hold and how can I be a part of that?
My thoughts are all scattered as I try to wrap my mind around the idea that our school district will be cutting about one-fifth of the budget in the next two weeks...that is 1/5th of THIS year's budget. We received this sweet (and unrealistic) note from the Superintendent that he intends no "personnel cuts". I just cannot think how he plans to do that. To me that screams that there is much more excess in our system to begin with.
Personally, I would rather take a pay cut than have larger classes. The idea that we can reach students is silly with any more than 25 in a room. Yes, some schools do that. Often those schools do not have special needs students (our population of 900 is about 17% special needs). Our school is known as a place where special needs kids are not only accepted, but expected to learn and advance. They also rarely have conduct disorder students (We average about 5% of our population being conduct disorder). If I had the population of most Catholic schools- 30 students would not make me nervous.
I enjoy teaching where I am. I am exhausted everyday...and that is a good thing. Give me your tired, your poor... I feel like I reach kids whom many would choose not to reach...and that is a good thing.
But, cutting 1/5th of our will that look?


ancient one said...

I wonder about that too. In my neck of the woods they are telling the schools that they are having to give back some of the money they received. How does that work?

Judy said...

I have a suggestion.... let the superintendents and assistant superintendents take a pay cut... they're the ones making all the money and SPENDING IT on mailings to all the teachers telling them that by 2011 95% of all students will test at proficient or advanced proficient (we're at 30% now), or patting themselves on the back for a certain number of schools making AYP...

or is that just my district?

So much of the waste comes from the federal government dictates - which are illegal and unconstituational.