Sunday, March 01, 2009

Burning out old habits

Forty days of change.

My daughter found a book to work on gaining closeness to her husband. Forty days of doing things for each other. They are so romantic- she and her husband.

Father hit the points of temptation last night at Mass- but then went back to the idea that we are not there for community- but for the Eucharist.

We need that romantic side of the relationship with God to continue the every day.

I've been offered the opportunity to apply for a position helping a country establish an new type of educational system. Is this my "McDonald's" ?(The man that founded McDonald's did so after his business and health failed at age 53).

Lots of pinging thoughts.


Renee said...

a new educational system in another country??? WOW, that's big!!!!!

Janette said...

Now- am I brave enough to go to another country for a few years without my husband? He is firmly planted here.

ancient one said...

Tough decision!

ancient one said...

Oh my, tough decision. Pray about it!

Michelle said...

What's the title of the book?

Congratulations on the wonderful opportunity. I'll be praying for you during your discernment.