Monday, March 16, 2009

Change takes time

The uber liberals are upset that the President has not gone their way.
The uber conservatives are disappointed the country has not failed.
What the sides do not understand is that most of us understand that change takes time.
Let's see- Vatican II was in the sixties. The uber conservatives in the Church are still upset by it and do not want the changes. The uber liberals have left the Church swearing it will never change. We are at the 45 year point of change and change moves slowly.
Politics as normal has lasted about 60 years - it has been extreme for the last 12 years. So, why does anyone think that change will come overnight?
It took 10 years for housing to get this messed up. Heck, my husband and I recognised the problem over six years ago when the first person in our neighborhood bought with no money down on an interest only loan. WE knew he could not afford the house. We were pondering how long he would last. DUHHHH!
The country has some hard times to still go through. It will take years to get out of the housing glut created by builders who plowed under deserts for places that could not be supported by the environment and bankers who put people into homes they could not afford. Has my old (where inflation was rampant) house gone down? Only about $100,000. It went up over $300,000 in less than four years.....
Change goes slowly. Those who are in the middle have no idea of how out of wack the system is- IMHO.
I want the change- even if it brings some painful things to me. We HAVE to change. The country cannot survive the way it is functioning right now (or for the last 10 years). Some people are stuck on one issue. I am stuck on the picture.

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