Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daffodil Days

The American Cancer Society has daffodil days every year. I am always happy to buy my bunch. It is a tribute to what they have done for my family- especially my sister in law.
Personally though, I am ready for some daffodils of my own. My green house is ready for spring to spring. The weather sure thinks it is already here! 83 degrees today...but still winter!


ancient one said...

I only remember one year that the cancer society here did the daffodil sale... I'm glad that some are still doing it...Most of my donations are done from reminders in the mail...but I do contribute each year. May you soon have daffodils of your own. The ones you have in the vase are certainly beautiful..

I just heard our weather person say we might have a freeze in our area on the first weekend of spring... we've had some of those 80 degree days too. But for the past four days we've had rain... I'm just looking forward to seeing the sun again...LOL

Jen said...

We always seem to visit when you have daffodils :)

Laura said...

I'm excited for the potential in that green house.