Friday, March 27, 2009

Testing is DONE!

State testing is very stressful for all of us. When it is done there is a major sigh of relief! Today the math scores are in and it looks like 90% of the sixth grade will pass! Again- let's compare that to the mid sixty level who passed in 2005. It is a group effort. Teachers knowing what to teach, students knowing the material and the vast amount of cheer leading that is done during the tests.
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ancient one said...

Yay....Good Scores too!!

RAnn said...

So, as someone in the trenches, what is your opinion of the whole standardized testing thing? Do the sixth graders this year know more math than the sixth graders in 2005? If not, to what do you credit the improvment in test scores? If so, do you think that those gains would have been made w/out the program? Also, what about the top 60% of the kids--do they in general, score better than the top 60% of kids did in 2005?

Also, how do you get your scores back so soon--or is that just an informal "eyeball" score? Ours won't be back until school is almost out.

Janette said...

All good questions.
I think ALL student are now taught. There was a great deal of teaching to the middle- no high, no low-before testing. The high still get neglected- but the low can no longer be overlooked. That has been forced upon people- to beleive that all can get somewhere close to the middle. Believe me- if this school can do it - there is no excuse. The kids are great - but some of them have deep issues to work around. I would say that sixth graders do know higher level math than they did 15 years ago. We simply expect more. Those who do not get it are now in remidal classes instead of extension classes (band, art...). Heck- I remember teaching reading in First grade. Now the majority - good or bad- is taught in Kindergarten.
To be honest- my favorite subgroup going up is SPED. I have a severe AU kiddo this year. I doubt I would have even had him in class 10 years ago- he would have been in a center. He scored in the mid 80's for everything. Not surprising to me- but the society might be surprised.
The down side of testing is the amount of projects, that spur on creative top siders, is way down. Unless you are deemed Gifted- your chances of being pushed is rare in regular public school. The middle seems to have stablized.
Another unfortuante part is literature is rarely taught- because it is not tested. Science and Social Studies are now in the position to be the extenders...and that is a challenge (time wise).

Our teachers get scores immediately since the tests are computerized. They are not firm scores since one or two questions are thrown out every year. The state announces scores in...August!