Friday, March 13, 2009

What a week!

"Our school" has interesting stats. We are about 70% free and reduced lunch. I would be tempted to say that there should be another 10% just above that level. Our students are about 70% minority as well - mostly African American (although the ESL population just hit about 10%). About 20% of our students are directly connected to the military. That one surprises me since we teach directly outside the gate. There is another middle school on post- and lots of military kids "go home" during deployments....we have LOTS of deployments.
We tested 268 students in our wing for reading this week. Four years ago when I came to the school a bit fewer than half of the sixth grade passed. This year it looks more like 89%.
The central office enjoys saying that the new programs- new math, new reading- is the reason for the increase in scores.... It is the teachers. I work with an awesome group of teachers. They are young (I am old) and ready to take on all challenges. They did not grow up knowing certain people could not learn. That is huge.
In celebration of the end of reading tests and beginning of spring break, our 100 students had an Olympics in the commons area. They were so enthused.
We feel that it is the realitionship we build every day with our students will help them see that Learning is a life long enjoyment.
Still, I think we all are ready for SPRING BREAK!


ancient one said...

I love the comment about the young teachers not knowing that certain students couldn't learn... that is wisdom...I'm so happy that your numbers are so good!!! Enjoy your break!!

Renee said...

89% is phenomenal; just goes to show that poverty is not directly connected to learning with the right teachers