Monday, March 16, 2009

Windows of my world

All of the entrances to my house are windows.
The front room window- a daily delight.

Staircase windows light our way-day and night.

These bath windows are always a joy.

My house is full of windows. I love to look out onto the world. Sometimes I need the rose colored glass to enjoy the day. Other times I simply sit in the front room and take it all in. No curtains at my house. My life feels like that right now- open and ready for viewing.


ancient one said...

Oh I wish I could live with no curtains... too much traffic in my yard... You have beautiful windows!!

Renee said...

What pretty windows you have. Did they come with the house or did you install them?

Janette said...

We have changed very little in this house. It must be the Army wife in me. I don't want to change it because I might have to change it back one day. Still the 1979 wall paper has to go- this year!
My friend laughs, every year I say, "time to move on". I cannot believe we have been here for four years and not a box in sight!
I guess we can paint this summer!