Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Every seven, or so years, Father's Day falls on my husband's birthday. It is something I was used to - since my own Dad has the exact same birthday (23 years earlier). My daughter and grandbaby came home to celebrate this year and we did have fun. There were lots of interesting attempts at the name "Grandpa". First it was quiet as he went down the hall. Then it was louder as he got to ride on the lawn tractor. Last it was a scream when he was running away from the doggie:>)

My husband has always been a good dad. He became an exceptional Father when our children became teens. The choice to have him stay home and me return to work was one of the best we could have made. He took them to high school through their junior years (and often on snowy senior year days). Track coach, donut man, chatter of futures...he became father to lots of kiddos with our own.
the relationship he has with the kids today is wonderful. He is called with information and for advice. He is tough but loving.
I often wonder how I found this man. Then I remember my prayers when I was a teen was to find a husband who would be an excellent father. God does listen- even during a storm!

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