Saturday, June 27, 2009

Passing of time

The whirlwind is gone. He went to play at his own house with his playgroup buddies. I am planning on seeing him at the end of the week for the fireworks near his house. He was a blast to be around. Pure joy. I have to admit, the dogs are sleeping better. I am sure the baby's mother will too- tonight!
Today we celebrate joy for another reason. Today (in one hour) my hubby and I will celebrate twenty seven years together. Hard to believe. We had a nice dinner. After the track and field races are done we will watch Parenthood. We SO relate to that film:>)


Michelle said...

Awww! Cute photos!

Happy 27th wedding anniversary!

We love the movie Parenthood too. One of my favorite lines is the grandma makes the analogy of life being a roller coaster. Enjoy!

Janette said...

WE are always on a rollercoaster- aren't we? The merry go round IS boring!
Off to another 27 years (at least!)

Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary Janette! Baby sure is getting big. DJ may be coming to Kansas, I will let you know when he finally gets an assignment.

Janette said...

Teresa- that would be fantastic if DJ came here. He would be bored for a bit- but that will soon turn around. I'll be waiting for the orders!