Sunday, June 28, 2009

Settling in

All of my life I have been looking forward to the next move, the next job, the next minute. Moving to Kansas was one of those adventures. I was fortunate enough to be teamed up with a Science teacher who was married to a man with the same sort of moving background. My first few years teaching with her conversations often went to where to teach next. What was this job was preparing me for? She would listen and nod. Then she would encourage me to stay- just one more year.
Stuff happened. My father passed away. Several in laws passed away. Our son graduated from University. Our daughter married and had a baby. The school rolled with the punches and was there when I returned.
After my husband's terrible year last year he slowed down to smell some flowers. Since then we have both had time to reflect on our lives. Yesterday we sat and chatted about the future. He is 59 and I am 52. What does that look like? Where do we see ourselves in five, ten and fifteen years? What impact should that have on what we are doing today.
My husband is definitely set on retiring at 62. This has more to do with the distrust that social security will be there in the future and the federal government so often "grandfathers" those who have already started in a system. Retiring to my husband means playing full time with wood and building furniture for our kids. He doesn't "need" me to be hanging over his shoulder.
Our kids need us sometime- but not full time. They will stay in that pattern for years to come. This is their time to shine and move forward. They will call . We will visit. Again- no hovering needed.
Where does that leave me?
My position. It is the best teaching position I have ever had. I am working with kids who need me, in a field I enjoy. The work is more mind taxing than physically taxing. My thoughts today are to discontinue talking about where else to teach or what else in my life to do. The long Kansas days and the wonderful school that I teach in will be very fulfilling for the next ten years.
To my favorite Science teacher- I am going to settle in. Hope we can teach together for at least a few years. The call of western Kansas is there for you, but until then!
Off to finish my Masters application.

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