Friday, July 17, 2009

The calm

Spending three days with a high school friend was calming to my soul. She lives by a graveyard from the early 1850's on a quiet street:>) Our children are the same age, and are as lovely as they have ever been.
The trip was supposed to be about a workshop on world history.
I truly feel sorry for the public school students of the cities of the northeast if these teachers are indicative of their peers. I found them to be freely opinionated about their extreme liberal views. It was so disheartening to hear the entire group gasp when a Catholic school teacher say that she "once told her class that the Catholic Church was the only true Church". ( A CATHOLIC school teacher SHOULD tell her class that IF she is being paid to teach CATHOLIC principles). Then there was the applause when one younger teacher said he made sure his kids knew he was agnostic. (My thought: What is the difference between telling what you do or do not believe when teaching children?.)The icing on the cake was the high school teacher who declared out of the blue " If men had children, abortion would be a sacrament". Really, I thought about throwing up. If she felt free to make such a statement to a group of 150 strangers, what does she say to her class?
On the other hand (glad there was another hand), there were two workshops about website usage and primary source gathering. My favorite parts of the workshop were the visit to the Yale Art Museum and a drumming circle with Mindy. If you are in need of any primary source history site, leave me your comment. There are some great ones out there I have not used before.
I now have about 600 pictures loaded on my computer for powerpoint building next year. Most of all, I am calm. I love my job and am looking forward to the year. I also assured myself that I would never take a NCSS lead workshop in the East again....


Renee said...

Can you see why Scott and I have no intention of ever returning to CT?

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