Monday, July 13, 2009

Time with the Grandbaby

This is the accumulation stage of talk for toddlers and we are happy to comply with verbal interaction! The toddler and I are walking all over DC seeking out new experiences and words. We take the Metro in the morning to our first stop. He sees all sorts of people- listening to languages and trying to communicate. He speaks "hi" and "bye" very well.
I love to surround him with art and talk about it. He sits quietly and listens. OK- we stroll by the paintings and he listens to my commentary because he is strapped into his stroller:>) When we go in next week, we will look for more discovery rooms.
Yesterday was the carousel. It moved quickly and he held on tight. It was questionable on the "like it" meter.
Today is Ford's theater and the American Art Museum. Tomorrow I head to a conference at Yale. Wish me luck on the roads!

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Anonymous said...

any children's museum's there?

- c