Monday, July 20, 2009

What could have been

Today I had lunch at the home of a friend from Hong Kong. There were three of us who spent a great deal of time together in the colony- trying to survive. Their husbands have continued on in the field that my husband once was in. Important work. Good work.
At home, at times, I wonder what our lives would look like if my husband had not decided to get out of that work. There could be lots more foreign travel, many more big parties and our children would have attended excellent high schools. Sometimes I could be found grieving for that life.
With that power and money also comes long hours in windowless rooms. My husband thrives on being outside on the tractor or walking the dog. He took two years completely off to coach track for our son.
Maybe with age comes a bit of wisdom to do what you were meant to do. Giving up "dreams" for reality of home.
Kansas seems to be where we belong.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you've taken the right path for you and your husband. :)

I think it takes courage to get off the treadmill or to veer from expected path. I'm happy for you both! What a terrific example you're setting for so many.