Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The first weeks before school begins, my juices begin to churn. Inspiration is top of the list. How to engage and motivate kids to learn about people so long ago?
This is a painting from the Yale Gallery on the passage of time. It will be one of my main themes for the room this year.
What can we learn from an earlier time? What does it have to do with our present?
I am beginning to see the fall out of NCLB. I will have a child who spent the last three years in fourth grade in the south. He could not pass their state test. Our district promoted him to sixth grade. I asked for him in my home room. My plan is to get him going and move him out. He will be 13 this year- so his brain should make the next jump. I plan on using that to my advantage. the passage of time and the movement of people. That IS world history.

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Anonymous said...

love these posts - thanks... good on you for helping out that poor kid... hugs - c