Sunday, August 02, 2009

The last days of summer

Enjoying the little turkeys learning how to fly off of my walls is always a sign that it is almost time to go back to school. We have a number of flocks who roam through our land on any given hour.
There are two hens who bring their broods to our house yearly. They line their chicks up on the retaining wall and push them off to fly. The chicks fly about five feet down. Then they are lined up again. You can tell the chicks are nervous. The hens are always in pairs- one up/one down.
Turkeys are huge body birds- even when young. Their flying wings are sort of stumpy for those large bodies.
Soon I will open my classroom door and shoving a few chicks of my own off of the wall into the pit of "learning for yourself". It is scary, since most have never attempted to find knowledge themselves. Their brains are a bit stumpy and they are nervous. Once they find their wings- life in school is so much better (at least it is in my room).


Anonymous said...

wonderful! thanks for the story and the smiles :)

love you - c

Michelle said...

When does school start for you Janette?

I wish I lived closer. I'd love it if you my children's teacher.

I called the school district today and left a message. I'll call again tomorrow.

I appreciate your input on my schooling dilemma. I am determined to get testing done this year.