Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Listen to PRIMARY sources

I am having an interesting time listening to my congressmen (I haven't heard from my congresswoman) and their take on health care. Both have agreed there is need for change. They talk about the exploding use of Medicare/Medicaid and the costs. They also see that Kansas does a pretty good job with children of the poor. What about in between is their question? Kansas is a very conservative state- ranked just above Utah.
I really don't have to worry about his topic. I am covered for life by socialized medicine- military health care. My daughter forgot that she had insurance while at college and we received a $17,000 bill for her surgery- done in the emergency room and discharged after six hours because "she did not have insurance". It was cared for by military insurance (who argued and got the bill down to $7,000). My mother has money to buy supplemental insurance for Medicare (another socialized medicine). The debate is interesting though.
How about you? If you lost your job tomorrow- could you cover COBRA payments? What happens if your next employer does not offer health care and you need to go with the Walmart plan (Walmart has a some plans BTW). What type of coverage would you get? If Medicare went bankrupt- would you be ok until you died? If you got a terminal disease- could your family pay out of pocket for the expenses? Even with GREAT health care some pay out of pocket right now for "experimental" brother in law did.
It is a scary debate. Is it a Christian one. Do unto others?

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