Friday, August 07, 2009

What does a "full time liberal" do?

Scott says that I looked at the calendar and realized I only had one week of freedom left- just a minute more to travel.
I went to Alabama to pin on my son's aviator wings. My baby will be in Fort Lewis in three weeks and flying full time. Then he is off to Iraq.
I chuckled to myself when I think that one blogger calls me a stupid liberal. What happens when children are raised in a "fully liberal" household? Service to God, country and family. I guess that if being conservative no longer is a part of those things- then I am liberal. But, most of you know I am really conservative:>) I actually DO know what a conservative believes. I just have an open mind that things COULD change. Not stuck in the imaginary 1950's. What a concept.

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Renee said...

No pics of James with his wings???