Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bright and shiny faces

My students are wonderful.
There is no doubt in my mind there is a change in our school.
I do not know what it is- the mixture is very much the same. We have a renewed administrative staff and many more "chores" on our list. Still...This year seems like it has come in with hope. Even the tech who works on our computers mentioned it last night at dinner.
We were told this is the worst fifth grade they have ever had- and yet, we are seeing the best start to the year. No time outs yet (detention). The flow in the halls is good and children are engaged.
I have been ill- but teaching anyway. Not such a good idea, but the first weeks of school are so vital to the entire year. I have been light sensitive- so the lights have been low- which has made the classes quieter. It is the largest group I have ever taught- between 25 and 31 in a class.
I think it will be an excellent year!


Michelle said...

How exciting it must be for all of you to have such a wonderful start! Praying it continues and that you're invigorated and edified as the year continues.

story girl said...

I love new school years and the sense of hope and renewal that comes with them. Enjoy it, and keep believing in your kids. They have a knack for living up to expectations.

Laura said...

This happened with me as well.
I was told that the incoming 6th grade was going to be very difficult.
So far, they've been the most well behaved new 6th grade I've ever had.
I think they needed a change.
Let's hope it all sticks.