Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 11th

Neil Hyland- last time I saw him was on a metro stop. What a shock. We had not seen each other since the children were tiny and my husband and he were Captains in the Army together. We played many games of RISK and talked religion late into the night with two other friends. The five of us- the babies in bed and drinks 'round a table with a good board game.
He had written us when he heard about the bombing of my husband's office building in Saudi Arabia. Inquiring about hubby's health and our nerves. Mot of all he wanted to know if the kids were all right. He was a great uncle (Army kids have lots of aunts and uncles).
September 12th is when the Army released identified names. Since most of our friends were AG, and that was the shop that was hit in the Pentagon, I checked the list. I thought- maybe someone we had glanced by might have been injured. There was Neil's name. There was another name as well- a Sergeant who had survived the bombing in Saudi with us. I did not know him well- but there he was. they both were gone.
I cannot tell you the feeling. I had watched the news just after the first tower was hit. I called a friend and got my children out of be to watch the news. I knew it was a terrorist. I could feel it. And then the second plane.

Tomorrow I will share a small clip with my students about the world trade center. It is the part about the last piece being brought out. I will mention Neil's name. I will not get gory. I think they deserve to know- especially since about 25% of them have a parent serving overseas because of that attack.
How do you remember it?
How will you memorialize it?

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