Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Six weeks

The first six weeks have flown by and it is time to give grades. My students have soared, in all areas. We were handed some pretty tough cases, and we have prevailed. Still, I am a bit sad.
The new policy at school says that a "reward card" will be given to students who: make the grades, have correct behavior, are at school AND (this is new) meet their reading goal. A certain number of books have to be read and the tests have to be passed to make that goal.
I have two young ladies who struggle to read. They CAN read, but they are not successful in test taking. One read and tested on 14 books - passing three. Yes, I can counsel her to slow down. Yes, I can counsel her to redo. The problem is I rarely see her anymore because of the new schedules AND she slipped through my fingers. The other read a long book -but failed the test - three times!
I am pretty frustrated.
These are good kids and will probably become disheartened when they do not get a card.
The new sheriff in town says, "that is the way the ball bounces".
I never like to have the ball bounce in my students' court when they are actually trying!

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Renee said...

Can you make your own card to send to them? Complimenting them on what they did well and encouraging them in their areas of difficulty?