Friday, October 09, 2009


There is a Catholic blogger who banns comments. First she might open her comments for one comment, but when she thinks that another comment could come, she closes them again- only to those who oppesses her POV. She uses mean words to respond. She did mention once that she holds grudges...Duh!
This is not unlike what I see for her type of Catholic is as well. Struggling with vocal Catholics (not doctrine- just the people that attend Church), I have given up on going at all. A comment is made, a question returns, the door is slammed in your face and then you are talked about - sometimes not even behind your back. This is not the way of Christ. His arms were open and questions were a part of his teaching.
I am beginning to look for a kinder Church community. For years I sat through verbal abuse because I ask questions. I have to admit, I have not given the church here a real try- but my fear factor is SO high, it is not worth it. I have taken a year off and am starting to look.
One good friend attends a Church in Phoenix that offers many services to their population that she is getting into- driving people to medical appointments, sitting with them, taking food to the poor, sitting with them... all things the Catholic Church did well 20 years ago. Yes, I could start these ministries here- but that puts me back in the "vocal Catholics" block.
Too tired to do leading- I just want to do.
I am ready to step up and really work again. I hear the Presbyterians do a great job here. I could do adoration on Wednesdays in the next town and church there on Sundays.....

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