Sunday, October 18, 2009


To be quite honest I had not listened to Bono until he met with George W Bush and they worked together on the "AIDS in Africa" project. He praised GW as an excellent ambassador for the poor and his work in the subcontinent.
Then Bono met with the Pope. Another good set of meetings. See a rock star can shine a different light on a subject and Bono is careful about making sure the subject is poverty not him.
I agree, totally with Bono. Most of the world's ills are about money. Why do white college aged women have the highest abortion rate? They are afraid of a baby "ruining their lives". Why are so many in debt up to their eyeballs? They are afraid someone else will get in front of them. Why is it SO easy to recruit in Saudi Arabia or the mountains of Afghanistan? The people are desperately poor and told that everything they have will be taken for the good of the developed world.
I have witnessed extreme poverty. It is scary. I try to erase those faces from my memories- the garbage dump children in Egypt, the starving children in Vietnam, the beggars in Hong Kong. I try to erase where they live- the tin houses, the cardboard boxes, under roads. I cannot do it. I constantly want to look into what I can do to help to eradicate poverty- and extremism....
I did not know about the millennium agreement to get rid of extreme poverty until this article was brought out by my sister.
I think the re branding of America is a good thing. We do have great ideas. We have possibilities to help the world while continuing to increase our country's level of education and inspiration. I have traveled all over and would like to say that we are the best... let's get back believing in ourselves and quite running us down all of the time!

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