Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bull's Eye

My husband and I are beginning to work through what we have in common. After a longer marriage and many years working on opposite sides of schedules...we have a great deal of work to do. See, we plan on being together for the next fifty years....

Some people do quite well growing up together. We tend to look at things quite differently. Still, just like in the money, we have decided to rework things.

Today we went shooting. Both of us enjoy target shooting, but we have not done it together for several years (probably three). When we last did, I was there more to accomodate our son's (now ex) fiancee. Grocery shopping at seven and then off to the range.

I have to say- I still have it!

Once again I proved that women can be a better shot. We both shot well- but I beat him by one point! Now, did he "let me win"? Maybe. All I know is that we had a good day at the range and plan on having more good days together. I really like my husband.

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jodi said...

I have never gone target shooting but I went skeet shooting once with my youngest and the Boy Scouts. That was a lot of fun.

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