Saturday, October 31, 2009

Helen Keller?

I grew up talking about how wonderful Helen Keller was.
When reading another blog I found that she grew up to be very contrary to my own beliefs. It took a lot of looking before I could find a primary source- but this clinches it for me:
Dear Margaret Sanger,
What a glow of gratification was kindled in my heart when Polly read last week the wonderful news that you had founded the Planned Parenthood Association in India!
Not only have I continued to follow your work with loving admiration and expect ever greater results from your beneficence, I have also known of Nehru's statesmanlike interest in birth-control, and now I behold you and him and Lady Rama Rau working together -- a triple Hercules -- for the deliverance of a land long cursed with excess of population. I cannot imagine anything more blessed happening on earth. As you teach, mankind has through ignorance often destroyed the sweet joy of childhood. Now a tide of enlightenment, slow but sure, shall lift its healing waves from one end of the world to the other until every child has a chance to be well born, well fed and fairly started in life -- and that is woman's natural work as the creator of the human race. Affectionately I salute you, Margaret Sanger, as the prophet and the the woman Prometheus of humanity's highest physical and mental welfare.
Often Polly and I speak of the visits we used to have with you and the inspiration I drew from your brave words. You have travelled up and down and athwart the world since, but I never lose the warm thrill of your beautiful personality.
With Polly's and my love and wishes for a Christmas luminous with the service you are rendering to mankind, I am,
Devotedly your friend,
Westport, Conn., December eighth, 1952


Renee said...

I recently learned the same thing and it saddened me. I was going to take my girls to her home (not too far from us) but now I'm not as excited.

Janette said...

I guess we can look at it as- God can give amazing gifts- it is up to us how we use them!

Renee said...

Good point Janette.

Michelle said...

Janette, I had no idea. And to think I grew up admiring this woman.

Laura said...

I learned something new today too.