Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paying for college

One of my friends has a daughter heading for college this year. Pre engineering, she is ready for the academics. Paying for college is another issue. Although our state has a rather low tuition, the parents were hoping to use the post 9/11 bill to help with expenses. Congress approved that the bill could be used for dependents, which is wonderful. The down side is the paperwork is so darn complicated.
Her husband is in the National Guard and is probably in his late fifties. He does not intend to use the benefits and would like to hand them over. They only have one child- who is the center of their marriage. This, actually, would have been easy last year- but now there are rules. One rule is commit to serve four more years after the benefits are transferred. This guy has served two year tours in Iraq. He has put in more time than most active duty guys. I think the government likes to mess with National Guard because their lobby is not so great.
Would you say a little prayer that I can help her through this transfer? For a school teacher and a maintenance worker- paying for college out of pocket is a daunting task! Of course they are too "rich" not to be paying out of pocket!


Renee said...

4 more years? Must be different for him then for active duty Army

Sandy said...

Wow, wishing them all the luck in the world. Also, tell them once she gets in college to continue looking for scholarships and grants. Some people forget.

janie said...

Been there, done that. We had one at UT, then the next year the youngest took off for TAMU. It was hard for the next 4 years, the older one being in a 5 year program. Worth it? YES! I would do it again, if I had to, but I would not be looking forward to it.

DO remind them to apply for other scholarships after she is in school. There are many out there!